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OnePayroll provides opportunity to automate management of your Human Resource activities in a most affordable manner. This will allow your employees to focus on their work by reducing time taken to perform administrative tasks.

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OnePayroll was an idea created by a group of friends who own businesses in multiple industries. As our business grow, so does the need to efficiently manage our resources including our employees. We found that a lot of time are taken by our employees to perform processes related to Human Resources from leave application, claim processing to even information updating. The company is also burdened with a lot of paper trails that requires even more time to input into a spreadsheet. Our employees must be able to focus on their core responsibilities!

Hence, the birth of OnePayroll where the solution assist in reducing time taken to administer hence maximizing our employees time to perform duties assigned to them.

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Secured Data

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Access Anywhere

Automate SOPs

Reduce Paperwork

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We have implemented necessary precautions such as hosting in a secured environment, data encryption during transmission, identity authentication controls, segregation of data access and many more to secure your data. Furthermore, in our terms & conditions, it will explicitly state that data ownership will with you and data utilization for business purposes other than your own internal usage are subjected to your due approval.

OnePayroll is utilizing an award winning regional solution which have been utilized for more than 20 years by thousands of users including more than 3 years by Indonesian businesses.

OnePayroll is created for companies and associations with high number of employees (above 500 pax) which found difficulties to invest in a HR solution. We do however support startups, UKM and learning institutions hence have allocated free licenses for such setup. Please register and we will surely place due consideration on your eligibility.

Support is aprovided via email ( and chat box. A report ticket number will be
assigned for ease of reference and monitoring.

You can still utilize OnePayroll. We have a data import function where you can include
information from existing solution in a MS Excel format and upload to OnePayroll. For additional fee, we
can assign resources to assist you in implementation exercise including for training session.

Upon registration acceptance, you will be given the On-Boarding Kit which contains instructions and materials on implementation process. There will also be user guide materials including videos to guide you in OnePayroll’s implementation and utilization.

Yes. For mobile usage, OnePayroll is ready for mobile viewing via your smartphone (both Android & iOS) with screen size optimization capability.

Yes for an additional fee. However, aside from having a tutorial section accessible by all users, OnePayroll has been designed with user in mind hence making it easy to learn and utilize. We will also organize public session where your representative can attend for deeper understanding of OnePayroll.

Yes as long as your company remains a user with OnePayroll.

Yes. OnePayroll+ is modular in design so you could pick and choose your desired modules.


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Onepayroll offers the convenience in managing Human Resource activities such as, attedance records, leave request, claims, and tax calculations and reports. 

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